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Valley Forge Cleaning Services offers residential, business and medical/dental practice cleaning solutions in Chester County & Montgomery County. We are an insured family-owned and operated cleaning business that focuses on high quality cleaning at a reasonable price. Constant communication and our commitment to quality ensure that you receive the highest service available.

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Close Your Eyes And Picture Your Perfect Day

We’re pretty sure it would include more ‘relaxing with family and friends in a stress-free setting’ and less ‘scrubbing the bathroom’. And if we could throw in a teaspoonful of ‘supporting the local economy’ at no extra cost, how great would that make you feel?839-1-Bedroom-Set


Contact Valley Forge Cleaning Services today for a quote and let us show you how you can have:

  • More time to spend with family and friends,
  • Confidence that your home is clean and safe,
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a locally-owned and operated business



We clean your home or office just the way you would.

Because every home and office is different, we like to meet with you first, before we give you a price. That way we can custom build your personal cleaning checklist to suit your lifestyle and your needs! Our rates are based on many different factors like how many people are living in the home or working in your office. Do you have pets? How many pets? How big is the home or office? Frequency of service and what you would like to have performed during each service. We always bring our own cleaning supplies which are designed for a specific purpose.

We always try to send the same cleaning crew to clean for you.

  • Free consultations
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Why just clean, when you can Green Clean with

While we can use any product you supply, we always carry Sun & Earth’s eco-friendly home brand products.

Did you know Sun & Earth is a King of Prussia company?

Sun & Earth products are 100% biodegradable, safe for use around infants, do not contain phosphates to pollute the local water system, and are never tested on animals. Just as importantly they do a wonderful job of cleaning and sanitizing and, made with coconut and orange oils, they smell great!